February 12, 2015 admin

5 Reasons Why Frank Underwood Would Love F250

Every House of Cards fan knows that Frank Underwood has a passion for barbecue. His love of Freddy’s put the BBQ joint under the spotlight, which caused it to eventually fold from the pressure. Now that Frank’s in the market for a new BBQ spot, here are five reasons why he would love Fahrenheit 250 BBQ:


1. F250 is perfectly located.

Fahrenheit 250 BBQ is located in the heart of Sacramento, just steps away from the Sacramento State University campus. Not only are we located in the state’s capital (Governor Underwood?), we also happen to be in the Farm-to-Fork capital of the United States! The Sacramento region has over 7,000 acres of boutique farms and is also home to the largest Certified Farmers’ Market in California, which allows Fahrenheit to craft its signature barbecue with the freshest, local and seasonal ingredients.



2. Our BBQ is consistent.

Frank appreciates consistency and our BBQ doesn’t try to reinvent the winning formula. We only use grass-fed, pasture-raised pork, 100% all-natural & hormone-free Niman Ranch beef and Mary’s Free Range Chicken. These quality meats are smoked low and slow at a constant 250 degrees using locally seasoned fruitwood and oak to create BBQ as good as Freddy’s!


3. It’s always Christmas at F250.

We make enough ribs to satisfy even Frank’s appetite. Our 3,000-pound smoker can pack up to 1,200 pounds of meat—that’s around 500 racks of ribs! This behemoth was custom-made by David Klose of world-famous BBQ Pits by Klose in Houston, Texas and traveled over 1,700 miles before arriving at F250 (it took a little detour in New York to go sight-seeing).


4. F250 Spicy Sauce brings the fire.

At F250, we have four delicious house-made BBQ sauces for you to dip your ribs, brisket, pulled pork and tri-tip in: F250 Signature Sauce, F250 Spicy Sauce, F250 Mustard Sauce and F250 Carolina Vinegar. Our F250 Spicy Sauce is sure to satisfy Frank’s fire-loving appetite.


5. You’re always welcome at F250 for iced tea.

It may be the West Coast, but we still have that trademark Southern hospitality. You’re always welcome to drop by for a glass of our cold and refreshing house sweet tea!

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