December 21, 2017 admin

How BBQ is a Style of Food that Can Unite and Create a Shared Experience

Family Meals Build Better Relationships

Eating together as a family does more than just help save a few dollars on delivery, so don’t ignore the importance of eating together when you don’t have time to cook.

Family meals help build lasting relationships that have direct impacts on success. Did you know that kids in families that don’t eat together are twice as likely to be truant? Absenteeism leads to lower graduation rates. Spending time together is a big part of being a family, which is why planning a BBQ night is one way to enjoy a family-style meal, even when you don’t have a lot of time to cook.

Low and Slow

Good BBQ takes time. You cook the meat at low temperatures for a long time. When you cook at home, this gives you lots of time to enjoy the process and the final plate. Of course, time is always a precious commodity, so you can always grab your Fahrenheit 250 BBQ meal to go. When you order family sizes, you get dishes to share that still let you enjoy a meal together, without spending the entire day in preparation.

Home for the Holidays

Over the holidays, it is especially important to spend time together as a family. Tons of social commitments and an increasing workload can keep you out of the house. Family meals are often one of the first things to go. When the kids have holiday activities, and mom or dad have office parties, dinner parties and other obligations, it is easy to forget to make family dinner a priority.

That’s where classic American fare that’s already cooked to perfection comes in. A whole rack of ribs and family style sides, like potato salad or mac ‘n’ cheese, can get everyone excited about sitting around the table. Carving up the meat and passing around the cornbread is all part of the atmosphere. A hot meal before everyone breaks up for the evening activities helps keep your entire family on the same page.

Family Meals Improve Academic Success

If the joy of eating a meal around the table isn’t enough to have you planning your next dinner, just remember that kids do better with that extra parental engagement. Adding in family mealtime makes kids less likely to fall into substance abuse and more likely to do better in an academic setting. You don’t need to cook everything from scratch and go for the 1950s home lifestyle, but spending an hour or so talking during meals can do a lot to preserve your family.