March 22, 2014 admin

The F250 Story

“Journey” doesn’t even begin to describe the adventure that our BBQ smoker, the crown jewel of Fahrenheit 250, experienced before finding its home in Sacramento. Its story began in Houston, Texas, where world-famous barbecue artist David Klose of BBQ Pits by Klose received a fateful phone call from Chris Morgan, owner of Morgan’s BBQ, and John Avila, former pitmaster of Franklin’s BBQ.

Morgan wanted Klose to make him the best-quality BBQ smoker for his new restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. This meant making a smoker that featured a two-inch-thick steel fire box and other custom sizing specifications to handle large quantities of meat. After traveling the 1,719 miles from Austin to Brooklyn, officials deemed that the smoker didn’t meet New York City’s zoning specifications—turns out it was too large for the so-called Empire State.

That’s when we came in. We talked with Morgan and decided to purchase the BBQ smoker to start our own restaurant across the country. After its short stay in the Big Apple, our new BBQ was freighted more than 4,500 miles across the country on four different trucks through 19 states before it finally arrived in Sacramento.

Now, our handcrafted, solid-steel beauty is ready to make you delicious, authentic barbecue.

We respect our guests and our craft, which is why we use only grass-fed, pasture-raised pork, 100% all-natural hormone-free Niman Ranch beef, and Mary’s Free Range Chicken. These quality meats are smoked low and slow at a constant 250 degrees with locally seasoned wood, making our restaurant a pellet-free zone. We also take pride in our menu, where every item is made from scratch—from the four unique BBQ sauces to dip your ’que in, to the lemonade made daily from over 90 fresh-squeezed lemons.

And that’s not all. We wanted to make sure you could quench your thirst with great craft beers and cocktails, which is why we brought in the Shady Lady team to construct our signature libations with fresh ingredients and infused liquors.

All this is brought to you by an awesome staff led by owners Gino Sardo and Ray Lettini, Director of Service Tyler Monk, and Chef Jacob Carriker.

We’re excited to start the next chapter in our story. Come on down and join us for some delicious ‘que!