July 25, 2018 admin

Slow Smoked Tips with Pitmaster Jacob Carriker

How to know if your BBQ was ACTUALLY smoked.

We’ve noticed a trend of BBQ restaurants claiming they serve real BBQ, but serve meat that has been baked, braised, boiled, and cloaked in a sickly sweet sauce. In our opinion, this is not BBQ. This is what your elementary school lunch lady regretfully served kids once a week.

We stepped out by the smoker with our Pitmaster, Jacob Carriker, to show you what you should be looking for when you step into a BBQ restaurant and how to spot a phony.  Pro Tip: if you don’t see a smoker, smell that delicious slow-smoked scent that we all know and love or see any wood around… There’s probably something fishy going on.

Did our video make you hungry?

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